Thursday, 12 November 2009


KorganIconAbout a month ago I started my biggest yarnbastarding project to date: a blanket for Whitney. I just finished it.

It's 63" x 39". I wanted these dimensions so that the ratio of length to width would be close to φ (1.618...). This means that, when you fold it in half, it's the same shape. Just like with an A4 sheet of paper. You can keep folding it in half, it'll still be the same shape.

It took 17 balls of bulky King Cole Aero yarn, knitted with 10mm circular needles. Each row is 160 stitches. There are 204 rows. Each stripe is 12 rows. The whole thing is done in garter stitch. In total, it's 32,640 stitches. I'm guessing it took a total of 36 hours yarnbastarding.

I've no idea why knitting is supposed to be a feminine thing. I figure it's all the dainty crap that usually gets knitted. Blankets are great that way. I figure that today I make this blanket for my wife: it keeps her warm, it comforts her. Someday, it might do the same for my kid. Suddenly, it's not such a girly skill.

Now crochet? That's girly.

I got my needles and most of my yarn from Wool For Ewe on Rosemount Place, Aberdeen. I got the rest of my yarn from

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  1. /is so very proud of her new blanket

    it is so amazing!!!
    i love you :)