Thursday, 11 February 2010

Φ beds

KorganIconAfter getting the most awesome Freecycle donation I'm ever likely to get, I've started to get the garden moving.

I got TWENTY TWO bags of manure. Mostly chicken manure, some cow manure too. Also got a small bag of rabbit bedding from another freecycler but nowhere near enough to satisfy the mass of chicken poop that I have. Hopefully I'll figure that out.

So I decided to put more dorky ideas into the garden. I've seperated the raised bed into sections that have the golden ratio inherent to their scale. Like so:

The raised bed isn't to the correct scale so there will be a strip down it's length cut off, with the rest of the bed sectioned as described. Like so:

I think it will look attractive. Anyway, while I was typing all that I had a very nice idea: to raise each section of the raised bed in accordance with its position in the spiral. Like so:

Ah MS Paint, what can't you do? In this sketch, even the height of each section has a relationship to phi, so it all follows the pattern. Well, I don't have the materials or the time to build this right now so it'll have to wait. But now that I've drawn this, I really want it bad. It looks great!


  1. Wow! That looks really nice! :D I want to see this made!

  2. that is really cool!
    i like the idea and the design is really creative!