Friday, 24 September 2010

double splayed loop in the bight (ABOK #1100)

KorganIconThis is an excellent double loop knot. Buff your brakes off, lazy.

If you already learned the lineman's loop/alpine butterfly loop (ABOK #1053) then you already know most of this knot too.
So why not go ahead and learn it? Click on images for larger images.

Instructions, if you need them:
  1. Make a bight.
  2. Twist the bight.
  3. Twist the bight again.
  4. Fold the top loop down.
  5. Feed it into the centre loop from behind.
  6. Feed the left and right loops into the centre loop.
  7. Pull the centre loop downward.
  8. Tighten and dress the knot.

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