Thursday, 9 June 2011

Knot Godhood

KorganIconA while back on the IGKT forum, I made a list of knots to learn, with the idea being that it be used for teaching purposes, and to enthuse rope newbs.

Here is the document.

The preamble gives you the idea:
You are beginning your journey from unskilled peon to Knot God. The journey may be long and challenging, but each technique you learn brings you closer to Knot Godhood. Only by unanimous decision by the Council of Knot Gods can the title of Knot God be bestowed. Those who wish to become a Knot God must commit the Knot Code to memory and appeal to the Council. Once you become a Knot God, your status as such may not be revoked unless by unanimous decision by the Council.

The Knot Code follows after that, which includes a list of 112 knots including hitches, loops, bends, splicings, lashings, coils and bindings.

It makes a fun challenge out of something that may be tedious and dull if you're made to do it.

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