Sunday, 19 July 2009

Aberdeen Freecycle

If you're not aware of Freecycle then you should be. How it works: You have some junk you need to get rid of. You would prefer to give it to someone who can use it instead of dumping it in a landfill. Freecycle is the answer. You post your item there and make it available. You help people, you help yourself.

Similarly, you can check the postings on Freecycle for stuff you can use. It saves you money and you help someone get rid of their stuff.

The combination of frugality and community are definitely in step with the Urban Homesteading ethos. If you haven't already, check it out.

Recently I was living in the US. We Freecycled some stuff around the house and just an hour after we posted, our items had been picked up from the driveway. If we saw something we wanted on Freecycle, we had to act fast. People in that city were avid Freecyclers. Aberdeen should be like that.

The biggest problem with Aberdeen Freecycle is that not enough people are on board. Items posted are in areas often far out of the city centre and if you don't have transport you're out of luck.

You can pretty much Freecycle anything. So if you're in Aberdeen, get Freecycling!

The Aberdeen Freecycle page.

1 comment:

  1. srsly.

    freecycle here is good but you do have to act super fast.

    i (as you know) still haven't been able to snag anything cause everyone swipes stuff up so fast!