Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Evian Bottles = Rainwater Collection

Hey guys,

I drink a lot of Evian water. I'm not proud of it. I'd admit it in a courtroom.

It straight up tastes better than that shit that comes out of the tap and stinks of bleach and tastes awful. So I have a lot of empty bottles.

Today I made a gutter out of empty Evian bottles and I made rain chains out of the tops of the bottles. It's attached to the shed outside. It's pretty fricking sweet.

Temporarily, I have a bucket I found underneath the rain chain with a mesh pegged onto it for crude filtering. I reclaimed a huge plastic barrel a month or so ago from a construction site dump and once it's converted into a rainbarrel, it will sit under this guttering. Right now, the compost heaps are in the way.

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