Saturday, 8 August 2009

Landshare and Why You All Suck

Hey guys,

A while back Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall started this project called Landshare. People who have land available for growing can post about it on the Landshare website. At the same time, people who want to grow can make a post on the site too. That way, people who have land and want land can network and get something started. It's all free, the land is free and you don't have to wait many years like you do with allotments. It's all available immediately! Why aren't you doing it already!?

So I just checked it out, and there are a bunch of people with land available in Aberdeen. If you're interested, follow this link:

Aberdeen's Landshare

If you're thinking of growing on someone else's land, make sure you actually know something about growing and about developing healthy soil. Don't go out there to spread your awful Aberdonian idea of gardening that you learned off the back of a seed packet. If you're the kind of person that gardens with a spade in one hand and a bottle of Roundup in the other, please give up gardening, and living altogether in fact. You would do more for the world if you died, rotted and composted your corpse than if you go out into the world to spread your awful gardening practices.

If you want to learn what growing is, read the free books I have linked you to under 'essential reading' on this page, to the right.

Don't buy compost: make your own. Don't buy fertilizers: be fertile, promote fertility. Don't use herbicides or pesticides: that's like fucking for virginity. Growing plants is great, but growing soil is better. Make it your priority and watch it pay you back tenfold. Don't dig your soil. Ever.

If you disagree with any of these statements, then you are not a gardener I recognise. You're just another seed planter who wonders year upon year why their produce was better the year before, and why the soil is turning to sand.

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